Licensing Options

FastX Licensing Options

FastX includes the license server in the installation package. The license server is typically installed on the same server where FastX is installed. In cases where users connect to multiple servers, the license server can be installed on each server, or the user can set up the license server as a "central license server" which all the other FastX servers use. A failover license server option is available on request.

Concurrent User Licenses

All FastX customers will be provided with concurrent user licenses as the default license type. Each license in a concurrent pool of licenses offers users the ability to run as many FastX sessions on a specific host as they want.

FastX licenses are perpetual licenses. StarNet also offers the option of concurrent licenses that are sold on an annual subscription basis.

Other License Options:

StarNet can also provide licenses for concurrent sessions, meaning the pool is based on the total number of available sessions (connections). An example of a concurrent session would be that a 10-session license can be used by 10 people (1 session each) or 5 people with 2 sessions each, etc. Session licenses are available only on request.

X-Win32 Licensing Options

X-Win32 offers a choice of concurrent or node-locked licenses. All licenses are perpetual unless otherwise agreed.

Node Locked Licenses

Node locked licenses are tied to the physical hardware of the PC where they are installed. Each machine activates one license. Once activated, node locked licenses can run independently and do not need a connection to a license server. The user can run as many sessions to as many remote machines as they have access. Licenses can be activated either automatically through the product itself, or manually through our website. Node locked licenses are supported on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. Node locked licenses do not support installations on Windows/Citrix terminal servers.

Concurrent Licenses

Concurrent (floating) licenses require the X-Win32 license server to be installed on either a Windows or Linux server. This machine needs to always be available. A failover license server option is available on request. Each user who checks out a license from the pool will be able to connect to multiple remote servers and run multiple sessions on each server.