FastX Success Stories

FastX for University Corporation 
  			for Atmospheric Research

UCAR and FastX: Connecting Users Worldwide

UCAR is a climate change research consortium of 100 leading universities and the NCRC (National Climate Research Center). They purchased a site license of FastX to connect researchers from all around the United States to the supercomputer cluster at UCAR/NCRC.

Medtronic replaces VNC with FastX

Medtronic, a medical device manufacturer, replaced VNC with FastX to achieve better performance and take advantage of cluster jobs scheduling support built into the Fastx API.

FastX replaces VNC for 

Adding Remote Visualization to Adaptive Computing's Tool Chain

Adaptive Computing added remote visualization to its industry leading MOAB application by integrating the FastX API.

Adaptive Computing FastX

Silicon Cloud International: Building Cloud Infrastructure with FastX

Silicon Cloud International is developing a cloud-based IC design infrastructure using FastX to integrate its cloud-based chip design lab.

Silicon Cloud International FastX
Silicon Cloud/FastX Chart


Many universities have purchased unlimited site-wide or departmental licenses of FastX. Here are just a few:

Brown University FastX
University of 
  			Rochester FastX
University of
  			Utah FastX
University of Virginia 
University of 
  			Minnesota FastX
Notre Dame FastX
The Ohio State FastX