FastX: The Best Performance Yet

FastX is built around the StarNet-developed highly streamlined protocol that minimizes traffic on the network. FastX compares very favorably when tested against VNC, NoMachine (NX) and X2Go. See our charts showing the result of two GTK benchmark tests.

FastX vs. VNC, NoMachine (NX) and X2Go:

FastX Rendering Speed Test VNC NoMachine (NX) X2Go

Rendering Speed Test

This test shows how well each product performed when compared to the test running on the local Linux server. One test used a high-speed LAN connection (no latency), the other a 25 Mbit WAN network with 100 milliseconds of latency. FastX-3 ran faster than the local machine (106% and 112%) while the others performed considerably slower.

Bandwidth Consumption Test

This test shows how much data (in megabytes) the 4 products consumed in the same LAN & WAN tests. FastX used between 2 and 7 times less bandwidth than VNC, NoMachine (NX) and X2Go.

FastX Bandwith Consumption VNC NoMachine (NX)X2Go