FastX Full Feature Set

Better Performance

Feature Description
WebAssembly Support Run compiled code on the web for near native performance.
Graphics Resolution Controls Reduce graphic quality for faster display speed.
Frame Rate Controls Adjust frame rate for faster display speed.
CPU Limitation Setting Maximize performance when running processor intensive applications.
Double Buffering Prevents flickering and tearing, gives you smooth image transition.
Remote FX Image Compression Efficient lossless image compression
Browser Caching Connect to your session faster.
Realtime Updates/Push Notifications Instant client updates are made to the session configuration on the server.
Progressive Encoding A method of image encoding that uses multiple scans rather than a single scan.
Multi-Surface Support

The Ultimate User Experience

Feature Description
Pixel Perfect Rendering Razor sharp graphic images.
Gnome3 Support Display the 3D Gnome desktop.
Ubuntu Unity Desktop Compatibility FastX supports Unity desktops.
Desktop clients for Windows, Mac, Linux and ARM Connect from any desktop system
Session Manager in the Browser Configure your sessions from your web browser.
Session Display in the Browser Your Linux desktop displays in the browser window.
Session Preview/Snapshot Support See the state of your session from your smartphone.
Suspend/Resume/Terminate Sessions Reconnect from any PC or mobile device.
Right/Left/Middle Mouse Button Support for all modern mice.
Keyboard Modifier Key Support Support for full 105 key keyboards.
Server-Side OpenGL Rendering Use the power ofthe server to render 3D images.
Virtual GL Support Faster 3D rendering display.
Ubuntu, Debian, SuSE and Redhat Support Support for all modern Linux systems.
Session Sharing in the Browser and Desktop Client Collaborate with top-line security
Full-Screen Display Suppport

Boost your Productivity

Feature Description
Browser Client All major browsers are supported, no plug-ins required.
Session Bookmarking for Users Save commonly used configurations for quick access.
Desktop Client for Windows/Mac/Linux Use any device you prefer.
Touch Interface (iPad/iPhone) Interface for touch input devices.
Single Application (rootless window mode) Display a single application instead of the full desktop.
Clipboard Support Copy/Paste to and from Linux with our desktop browser client.
Full Screen Mode The remote desktop fills the entire monitor.
Dynamic Window Resizing Use the mouse to make the window the desired size.
Window Scaling Support for high resolution monitors.
Auto Keyboard Detection Keyboard input language.
Mobile Device Ready Works well on small-screened smart devices.
Bookmark Icons Define sessions with an image.

Cutting Edge Security

Feature Description
  • SSH
  • OpenID Connect
  • CORS
  • Multi-Factor
  • OTP
  • Kerberos
  • Public Key
  • Token Key
  • Challenge/Response
Duo Authentication Support Multi-factor logins
Disable clipboard in server and/or client Protect your IP
Set maximum clipboard size in bytes Prevents large batchs of data to be copied to the client
Set time-out for idle sessions Prevents loss of expensive EDA licenses
Limit user access to applications

Streamlined Integration

Feature Description
Command Restrictions Users can only access approved applications.
Global Sessions Set up session parameters for all users.
Server Side Licensing No client download required when you use the browser.
Load Balancing FastX supports load balanced servers.
Cluster Server Support FastX supports servers running in a cluster.
Desktop Mode (Gnome XFCE, KDE and Xterm Default Sessions) Gnome and KDE desktops are pre-configured.
Job scheduling Integrates with job schedulers such as Platform LSF, Moab, Grid Engine, etc.
Hot swap configuration Change configuration on the fly, no restarts needed.
Session filtering Choose which sessions are displayed to users.
Scripted Installation Automate your installation into existing batch software.

Admin Tools

Feature Description
User Profiles Restrict user access to certain options/features
Disconnect Timeout Terminate session after inactivity for an admin chosen amount of time.
License Monitoring See how many FastX licenses are currently in use.
File Upload Admins can upload files to FastX.
Gateway Server Support Use a gateway server to distribute session loads.
Server Monitoring See the impact of FastX on CPU and memory.
Open API for building custom clients Integrate the FastX API with your software application.
Theme Support (Custom Interface) Change the UI to match your company's colors and logo.
MOTD Added 'message of the day'
Disclaimer added to the login page Admin can add information to the login page in which users can see
Notifications to user Admin can send notifications to users after login.

Flexible Licensing Options

Feature Description
Concurrent and named-User Licensing License Server Installation
Failover License Server Support Protects users in case the license server fails.
Central License Server Manages users connecting to many servers.
FlexLM and RLM License Manager options