FastX Admin Feature Set

Better Performance

Allows users to start new sessions on a given server
Enable job scheduler
Enable screenshot support
Enable Sudo user
Hostname override
SSH Port #
Keep alives in minutes
Max sessions
Record login attempts on a server

Web Server Configuration

Changes take effect when the web server is restarted
Certificate File
Key File
Certificate Authority File
PFX File
SSL Method
Support for cross origin resource sharing (CORS)

Cluster Network Configuration

Secret Key
Accept data from cluster members
Send data to cluster members

Themes and Colors

Import logo
Button background
Button text
Link color
Foreground color
Text color
Multiple window mode background color
Multiple window mode bckground image style
Hide company brand

Client Default Settings

Compression level
Maximum frames per second
Frame window
Mouse update rate


Default login page
Okta (SAML)
LDAP settings


Set up default session profiles
Enable X11
Set up bookmarks
Enable command restrictions
Add administrators
Set message of the day
Terminate one or more sessions with one click