Fast, secure and persistent display of remote Unix and Linux desktops and applications

FastX offers high speed PC X server performance when displaying remote Unix and Linux desktops and applications, especially over WAN network connections.

FastX connections are secured with encrypted SSH tunneling and they are persistent. If you lose a connection, you simply reconnect to your sessions that continue to run on the remote host.

FastX is highly affordable at $285. Competitors charge $500 or more for similar functionality.

Our flagship, the best PC X server on the market for LAN deployments.

Millions of users around the globe connect to their Unix and Linux desktops with X-Win32, including notable organizations like NASA, Raytheon, Rockwell-Collins, Bloomberg, CERN and Citibank.

X-Win32 offers the most features and the fastest X11 emulation on 32- and 64-bit Windows PCs when connecting on a LAN. Top features include support for multiple remote desktop displays, OpenGL, multiple monitors, SSH tunneling and copy/paste of text and graphics.

The first cloud-based X Windows solution designed specifically for large deployments.

StarNet Enterprise is the first cloud-based X Windows solution. Designed for deployment in large organizations, Enterprise offers the most security and administrator control of any X server.

Enterprise is simple to use, modular and highly scalable with components that can be installed on task-specific servers in your existing IT infrastructure.

The Best X Windows Connections

Since 1989, StarNet Communications has been a leading developer of innovative yet affordable X Windows solutions for connecting computer users to their remote Unix and Linux desktops and applications. Our current line of products connect Windows, Macintosh, Apple's iPad or Linux workstations to Linux and Unix application hosts. We invite you to download and test our products to see why so many Fortune 500 companies, leading universities and advanced research organizations have switched to StarNet's connectivity solutions.


I use FastX to connect from Santa Ana, California to our datacenter in Chicago. It is screaming fast. Just like the performance you get when connecting locally to a server.


I purchased an X-Win32 license through my institution last week after a trial period. Thank you for providing this, the software has worked flawlessly. I am glad to have X-Win32 for my daily work.

Your product was the BEST I have ever used and I will purchase it. I am a consultant and I go from job site to job site often in need of an X-Window client. Again, I want to tell you that I felt your development crew did a MARVELOUS job putting this X-Window client together!

I am very appreciative and grateful for X-Win32. It's one of the finest software programs I've ever used, in terms of quality, performance, and customer support. I use it virtually around the clock, between my PC and Solaris systems here at the office. I couldn't live without it. Thanks again for a great product!

We have a 20-user license for the Facility of Science Windows Lab. The quality and compatibility of X-Win32 is amazing.

I tried a few different X server products and am happy to say that X-Win32 performed the best. I had no problems with the CDE fonts and the program was one of the fastest.

X-Win32 has been excellent. I appreciate the services your company provides.

X-Win32 is a very good product, which in this case means you don't have to think about it. I set it up, and it works just as it should! I will recommend it to others. It is much simpler than Hummingbird, which had many other accessories that i did not need.

I loaded up the X-Win32 product and I am pleased to say that out of the box, it is the best X-server product I have seen.

It's an excellent product, just works transparently with very little effort, what more could I want?

Today I downloaded X-Win32 for evaluation. I have tried other X11 clients but they were very cumbersome. Congratulations! It was a whole new feeling when the X programs came up in Windows. Incredible! Fascinating! This is my favorite program.

I don't know how you guys do it! You have an amazing product at a very reasonable price. I have been a happy customer going on three years now

During the last several years, in my various systems support assignments I have been either associated or responsible for PC/Unix integration related matters. During those years I have conducted extensive tests on Windows/X/Unix toolkits. To put it simply, I've never seen a better product than yours. After examining every evaluation version I have downloaded, I have recommended your product to everyone interested.

I'm graduating in Vehicle Engineering and I am currently performing an internship at Ferrari. I use X-Win32 to connect my laptop to a Unix Cluster to run my fluid dynamic computations on high-performance engines...X-Win32 is a very useful and powerful instrument that I use every day.