Cloud-Optimized Linux Access with FastX

Two years ago, FastX became the first remote Linux access solution to allow users to display their Linux desktop inside a standard browser window.

Now FastX is the first to offer a cloud-capable Linux display solution that is fully optimized for AWS. With fast performance over high-latency connections, FastX allows users to work productively regardless of where they or the servers they connect to are located.


FastX Amazon Web Services Optimizations:

AWS FastX 

AWS-Optimized Performance

Each time a user starts a new Linux session on a server in the AWS cloud, FastX initiates a new AWS server instance. That maximizes performance as there are no other applications competing for CPU and memory on that AWS server.

Infinite Scalability

Automatic creation of new AWS servers means there is no limit to which IT managers can scale their cloud infrastructure; from a single user with one open session to many users running multiple Linux sessions.

FastX AWS Scaling

Single Sign-On

FastX supports Single sign-on authentication schemes like OKTA. Each user is fully authenticated on each new virtual AWS server after logging in the first time. All data between the end users and the cloud servers is securely encrypted using SSL and HTTPS.

FastX AWS Session 

Session Profiles

Administrators can create session profiles, including setting time-outs to ensure that users don’t let their AWS sessions run longer than needed.

Virtualize Any Linux App

With FastX, you can now cloud-enable any Linux application. Just install the software on an AWS sever and users can access the application from any device with a browser: Windows, Macs, Linux PCs, iPads, even smartphones that sport a browser.

Virtualize AWS 

Integrate FastX with Your App for AWS

FastX offers developers a complete API that can easily be integrated with any Linux application. Companies like Adaptive Computing have successfully integrated the FastX API with their software which is then deployed on AWS and other cloud servers.

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